Updated Status

>>> SYSA Fall 2024 REGISTER <<<
Click the link here to sign up for Fall 2024.  We are transition to a new database Got Sports so everyone will need to set up an account.   We are signing up U6/U8/U10/U12/HS Teams

Players age groups are by 2024-2025 column.  This is set by US Soccer.



State Tournament Finalists & Champions

Fall 2023

  • CHAMPIONS - SYSA U10 Bombers (B. Seibert)

Spring 2023

  • CHAMPIONS - SYSA U10 Defenders (D. Sweeney)
  • CHAMPIONS - SYSA U12 Maniacs (P. Neher)

Fall 2021

  • CHAMPIONS - SYSA U12 Maniacs (D. Craft)
  • CHAMPIONS - SYSA U12 Stampede (C. Tomsky)